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Smart Charger / Quick charger

As smartphone functions become more and more powerful, the demand for power consumption of mobile phones has also increased, and low-rate charging standards have been difficult to meet the demand for charging. At this time, the lithium battery technology has also developed greatly, the stability is better, the tolerance of charge and discharge has also improved, and "fast charge" has begun to enter the stage. PiC can offer a wide range of low-impedance components to meet the charging efficiency requirements of Quick Charge 2.0/3.0.

QC 2.0 / 3.0(5W-18W Charger) Application Recommended Device

Function Spec. Package Type Recommended Parts
Low Voltage MosFET N-CH 100V 25mOhm SOP-8 PAN00T26J
N-CH 100V 16mOhm SOP-8 PAN00T40J
N-CH 80V 12mOhm SOP-8 PAN80T16J
N-CH 60V 5.0mOhm SOP-8 PAN60T40J
N-CH 60V 12mOhm SOP-8 PAN60T16J
Schottky Diode 1.0A / 40V Low VF=0.42V SOD-123HE SS1040LHE
2.0A / 40V Low VF=0.45V SOD-123HE SS2040LHE
3.0A / 45V Low VF SMA-S SS3045LAS
10A / 45V TO-277 PS10P45
10A / 45V Low VF=0.45V TO-277 PS10P45L
8A / 45V Low VF=0.45V TO-277 PS8P45L