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Battery Protection Circuit

Battery management requires MOSFETs, diodes (diodes), ESD and other devices. PiC's MOSFET portfolio includes P-channel devices and N-channel devices for high quality and reliability for Li-Ion battery protection circuits. MosFETs built on the latest 8-inch Trench process have low conduction losses, helping to extend battery life.

Battery Pack Protection Application Recommended Device

Application Function Spec. Package Type Recommended Parts
Reverse Battery
Low Voltage MosFET Dual N-CH 20V/11A DFN 2x3 PAN82T33F
Dual N-CH 20V/9.5A DFN 2x3 PAN82T04F
Dual N-CH 20V/56A DFN 3x3 PAN20T30QD
Dual N-CH 30V/3.6A TSOP-6 PAN3062C
Small Signal Schottky 30V/200mA SOT-23 BAT54
100V/150mA SOT-23 BAV70
Schottky 1.0A / 40V Low VF SOD-323HE SS1040LHEW
2.0A / 40V Low VF SOD-323HE SS2040LHEW